Saturday, June 1, 2013

Personal Learning Network

Participatory GIS

A Personal Learning Network
  1. Definitions and explanation of concept
  2. Tools and applications
  3. Big news! We've unveiled our all-new easy map editor, and we're launching a funding…
  4. RT @poptech: Civil conflicts. Natural disasters. Great crisis-mapping overview and look ahead by
  5. A fresh new look for the Maps API, for all one million
  6. International Applications
  7. Potential Twitter Network 
  8. @LA2050 We will be adding Twitter and other networks soon. We currently have Instagram but we need to fix it! cc @HeatherLeson
  9. @mikel @bostoncello @DHenryDC Chance crisis mapper nerd reunions are my new #1 reason to enjoy #DC#momentarylapseofinspiration.
  10. Former Colleagues on Community Mapping in the Philippines
  11. Work Websites with Public Access
  12. Videos to Watch
  13. Dr. Robert Chambers elaborates on Participatory GIS (PGIS) practice
  14. Dave De Vera elaborates on Participatory GIS practice in the Philippines
  15. Interview with Dr. Mike McCall on the aspect of Training in Participatory GIS practice
  16. Readings and Journals
  17. Crowdsourcing Edmonton's Ribbon of Green: A Case Study of Neogreography in Edmonton's River Valley by Matthew Edwin Dance

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